Season 2

In 2019, the BlockBattle season 2, Which blocks the block-chain strong!

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BlockBattles starring block-chain-based startup
It's a TV program that competes for five weeks based on technology, business model, and business potential.

1. Blockchain Battle

Competition between projects to analyze the weakness of the rival

2. Mentor School

Section with industry-leading mentors to improve the project.

3. PR My Project

Section presenting why my block chain should survive.

4. Team Follow

Section showing the progress of team members.

5. Marketing

Verification through world's first blockchain survival TV show.

6. BigEvent

Finals will be aired live. Blockchain Job-Fair participants live voting.

*Composition can be changed according to program production circumstances.

Application period

April. 1th 2019 -

April. 30th 2019

Qualification for application

All Blockchain Project

with a White Paper

Benefits for winner

Professional Mentoring Program

Link up with various funds

Blockbattle is working with a variety of professionals

Korea’s First Blockchain Broadcast

Professional Media Accelerator

Choose this week’s winner
by yourself!


Joonhyo LEE

Co-CEO & President of SBI Investment

Kwon Y. Park

Director of Bittrex

Will O`Brien Former CEO & Founder

Sinhae Lee

GBIC Partner

Zhongxing Ming

Blockcloud CEO


06032 3F, Narakiwoomsinsa, 803, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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